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Statistical Improvement in Pass Rates (p<0.001)

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Why Choose Odyssey?

Odyssey: Superior Prep

    Are all surgeons, and all medical centers, "the same?" Of course not. Some surgeons are better at certain procedures than others, particularly based on their experience and their outcomes, and centers that specialize in particular disciplines create an environment that produces better results.
    Analogously, all board prep instructors are not "the same," and all course environments are not "the same." Instructors with high levels of experience and proven outcomes, in a course curriculum that fosters learning and understanding, produce better results.
    You should select your board preparation in the same way you select a surgeon and an institution, based on who has the most experience and the best outcomes.
    The most experienced instructor and an optimized learning environment will produce the best preparation, in the fastest time, with the greatest efficiency.
    Dr. Argy has almost 21 years of experience and unmatched outcomes, and through Odyssey is able to offer the focused, effective environment that produces the highest levels of exam preparation and performance.

What Makes Odyssey the Best Prep

  •  The Most Experienced Instructor
  •  Hands-on Learning in one-on-one and small group classes
  •  Statistically Significant Improvement in Pass Rates
  •  Geared Specifically to the Goals of the Exam
  •  Individual Attention for Each Candidate
  •  Multiple Course Formats
  •  Effective Teaching Methods Based on Objective Data and Neuroscientifically Based Principles

Dr. Argy presents Candidate Mode