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Testimonials from Odyssey Candidates

Dr. Claros

Leo Claros, MD Center Valley, PA   

"The best money and time I have ever invested. If you are considering taking the course do not think twice - just do it. It is completely worth it. Dr. Argy's dedication to his students is outstanding. After the course I felt much more comfortable and prepared for the oral boards. Dr. Argy will teach how to really prepare for this test, and you will find out that despite everything you think you know from training, his way is much better. I cannot thank you enough, Dysse [Dr. Argy]."

Dr. Harmon

Rhonda Harmon, MD Oveida, FL   214-857-1826   

"After my last residency mock-orals my program director told me due to my anxiety she thought I would fail the Orals. (I even didn't take one mock oral because I was so terrified of the public humiliation that would surely ensue.) Not only did I pass the actual Orals on my first attempt, but Dr. Argy prepared me so well for this exam it was a non-event. I could never thank him enough for this course. It is well-worth the expense ... in fact his technique is priceless."

Dr. Schoolfield

Matthew Schoolfield, MD Portland, OR   

"Your willingness to give of yourself to a bunch of type A personalities in an area of high stress is ... well ... crazy!!!! But you do it really well. [The courses] added confidence and improved my knowledge, and put it into a framework that allowed me to remember and deliver the material effectively. It provided organization to the way I approached problems. But you made a difference in my life ... truly inspiring as an educator. You're developing not just colleagues but friends. I will be reaping the benefit of this course way past the exam and well into my career."

Dr. Price

Kevin Price, MD Saco, ME   207-730-0876   

"Dysse, [Dr. Argy] I want to thank you for providing this course. In a world where disappointment is a far too common occurrence, I am extremely grateful that someone out there has made it their personal mission to produce excellence. Your attention to detail and personal commitment to the success of your candidates is impressive. It is impossible to overstate the importance of your course in helping me pass the boards. I could not have done it without you."

Dr. Gwon

Seung Gwon, MD El Centro, CA   760-353-2252   

"I am so grateful to Dr Argy for caring enough to do it right. He possesses the passion and the tools to prepare you for your certifying exam and you will pass, all the while exhibiting grace and confidence under pressure. There is no better way to prepare for your oral boards."

Dr. Sedrak

Michael Sedrak, MD Los Angeles, CA   

"Taking the Odyssey course was one of the BEST decisions I have made in my career. I also attended another review course, so I feel I'm in a very good position to compare the two, and let me say that I feel not only was the other course worthless, but was counter productive. My time with Dysse [Dr. Argy] was one of the most productive periods in my life. I don't recommend you take his course, I insist upon it. I wholeheartedly feel this you will have the same experience I did, no matter what you feel your 'level' is, you can only get better, and this is the vehicle!"

Dr. Hancock

Susan Hancock, MD Newport News, VA   

"I am indebted to Dr. Argy. It comes with such profound relief and gratitude to find someone that is so committed to filling this huge void. I truly believe his helping folks to free themselves from their obstacles is something he is uniquely qualified to do and he takes it on as his given cause in life. What you gain from Dr. Argy's course prepares you for more than the Boards. The even more far-reaching benefit is enhanced confidence and approach to all future endeavors ... (life in practice, interviews, presentations, etc, etc.) Without reservation, I would encourage anyone to work with him"

Dr. Gold

Linsey Gold, DO West Bloomfield, MI   442-481-5300   

"YOU MUST TAKE THIS COURSE!  It is as close to a guarantee to passing the orals as you can get ... trust me, I tried everything else!  This course is completely UNIQUE.  Dr. Argy teaches you HOW to answer the oral board questions.  If you adopt his thinking methodology, you WILL pass the exam, even if you get a question about a surgical problem you have never seen.  In addition, it is cheaper to take the course than it is to re-take the exam!"

Dr. Bailey

David Bailey, MD Fargo, ND   701-234-8770   

"Dr. Argy knows what it takes to prepare for the oral boards. It's amazing how accurate he is. Any candidate would benefit from taking this course, especially if you are in a subspecialty. I hadn't done general surgery in 2 years because I chose to practice hand surgery. I took the Osler course and failed the first time, then passed with confidence after studying with Dr. Argy. He will teach you how to pass this exam."

Dr. Chang

Lynn Chang, MD Redwood City, CA   

"There is no other oral board prep course of this kind, and certainly there is no other communications coach like Dr. Argy. He gave 110% of himself during his courses. The way that he taught me to organize, think, and communicate, made sitting for the oral boards actually enjoyable. I walked away from the exam immediately confident that I had passed. Thank you, Dr. Argy"

Dr. Valdes

Edna Valdes, MD New Hyde Park, NY   212-844-8097   

"Fantastic course. Organized perfectly, extremely thorough, covers all you need to know to pass the exam. Take the course, adapt to Dysse's [Dr. Argy's] style of test taking, study hard, practice what you learn in the course, and you'll pass the test"

Dr. Wilson

Aundrea Wilson, MD Oakland, CA   510-839-8929   

"Your teaching style is absolutely brilliant. It is my great misfortune not to have had you as an attending during residency. The course was excellent!!!! Thank you for the education."

Dr. Simmons

Jennifer Simmons, MD Gladwyne, PA   215-612-4884   

"I know I would not have passed without having taken this course. It helped me to focus on the relevant material and coached me to effectively present my information. Although it is impossible to completely control the situation, I was certainly far more equipped to do it after taking the course. Thank you for making a dreaded exam so utterly uneventful."

Dr. VanDuzer

Scott VanDuzer, MD Philadelphia, PA   215-508-1330   

"If you are trying to decide whether to take this course ... CALL ME. I CANNOT OVEREMPHASIZE HOW WELL DR. ARGY PREPARES YOU FOR THIS TEST. Everything he said about the exam was true - how to answer questions, what to expect from the examiners, the content that is covered. I can’t imagine how I could have taken the exam without the course - it was well worth the time and the cost."

Dr. Jaderborg

Jana Jaderborg, MD Crescent City, CA   707-464-8611   

"The video session and critique were most valuable to me. It made me see how beat down I had become over the years in the presence of other surgeons. It helped me to really focus on improving my presentation of the material in a logical and confident manner."

Dr. Burdett

Maureen Burdett, MD St. Albans, VT   802-524-2779   

"I highly recommend taking this course to help prepare for the oral boards. In fact, I have recommended it to several friends and they were equally happy with the results. One of them had taken the Osler course first and failed, but then passed after working with Dr. Argy. The course will remove all the myths about taking the exam and will teach you a presentation style that assure success."

Dr. Guest

Daryl Guest, MD Starkville, MS   662-324-1310   

"I did not want to take my orals more than one time. I enrolled in a Small Group Session seven months before my exam. I was so impressed that I audited another Small Group Session and then took a Private Tutorial. I decided to rely completely on Odyssey - Dr. Argy was not only teaching me content, but he was also teaching presentation style. I'm very pleased to say that my strategy worked. Dr. Argy is genuinely intersted in helping surgeons pass their boards"

Dr. Gutfinger

Dan Gutfinger, MD Orange, CA   

"The Odyssey course allowed me to acquire the presentation skills needed to optimally pass the oral exam during my second attempt, and in particular focused my studying time on more relevant content for the exam. I would highly recommend this course to all candidates."


Dmitry Nepomnayshy, MDBurlington, MA   

"I felt confident going into the orals because I aced the written, and was busy doing things everyday that the board tests you on. I took the Osler course the weekend before and promptly failed the orals on my first try. I felt that their advice actually worsened my performance. I needed a "sure thing" the second time around, and Dr. Argy is as close to it as you are going to find. In the next exam I knew I passed as soon as I left the last room. Don't make the same mistake I made on my initial attempt. If you want maximum confidence - take his course the FIRST time around!"

Dr. Long

Stephenie Long, MDNew Orleans, LA   

"BIG news from me - I passed! I am in your debt. You are right on the mark with all your remarks about the exam. But most importantly, since working with you ... I'm much more self-confident at work & speak up in conferences. I feel more poised & composed. I strongly encourage candidates to work with you."

Dr. T

Dr. T Los Angeles, CA   

"The course helped me tremendously by teaching me: how to study, what to study, the content I needed to know and how to present it, what to expect from the examiners, and everything I should do and I shouldn't do on the exam. I wish I had done this the first time around. We [surgeons] just don't know what the exam is about. The examiners have their rules and play by them. You have to learn how to play the game. Dr. Argy knows how to."

Dr. Schaffzin

David Schaffzin, MD Cherry Hill, NJ   

"I can't recommend this enough. I have friends who are very intelligent and excellent surgeons who have failed the boards, some even after taking another well known course. After two of these people referred me to Odyssey, I signed on. [Dr. Argy] not only gives you pertinent information about how to take the exam, he also gives you exceptional hands on treatment that will all but guarantee that you'll pass."

Dr. Lane

Dan Lane, MD Mobile, AL   251-433-2609   

"I attended the Osler course prior to my first attempt on the orals. I failed miserably. After working with Dr. Argy in private tutorials and small group sessions, I now understand what happened. All the advice I received before was wrong. Dr. Argy knows how the orals work, and he taught me what he knows. His advice was invaluable in helping me become more comfortable with the entire process of taking the orals, and I passed without a problem. "

Dr. Garofalo

Tom Garafalo, MD Cleveland, OH   

"I thought I knew how to take an oral board exam and had taken an Osler oral board review course just to refine my skills. I failed on my first attempt. Before my second try, I took Dr. Argy's course. I learned that I actually knew very little. He showed me what my weaknesses were and how to present myself and my answers in a powerful way. I passed easily on my second try thanks to Dr. Argy's tips and techniques. I just wish I had worked with him before my first exam. Do the math, because you cannot afford to fail."

Dr. Luk

Stephen Luk, MD Dallas, TX   

"The oral exams were an anxiety-provoking event for me. Dr. Argy was able to explain the process and place the exam in its proper perspective. He gave me insight into how the exam works, how to prepare, approach and answer questions, and how to maintain control during the exam. The confidence and guidance provided by Dr. Argy were priceless."

Dr. Brandau

Kim Brandau, MD Capistrano Beach, CA   714-772-6701   

"I thought the video session was a terrific help. I didn't realize how much work I needed to do until Dr. Argy showed me the errors I was making. The session was excellent! I truly feel I would have been in danger of failing if I hadn't taken it. Dr. Argy helped me realize my own individual weaknesses and taught very effective strategies to improve my performance. I highly recommend this course to anyone who is taking the oral board examination."

Dr. Corbin

R. Scott Corbin, MD Little Rock, AR   501-268-2441   

"Before the course, I thought I knew what was going on with the orals. But it took me about 5 seconds to realize I had a lot to learn! Without the course I would not have been successful in the oral exam. Thank you for the personal attention. You really helped me."

(These candidates have voluteered their comments, and are not compensated.)

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