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Guide: Demystifying the Surgery Certifying Exam, 2nd ed.

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   Use The Guide to Understand:
  • How the Surgery Certifying Exam Really Works
  • Effective Process Thinking
  • Efficient Preparation Techniques
  • Powerful Presentation Skills
  • The "Essential Attributes" of a Certifiable Surgeon

  INTRODUCTION to the Guide     (Click to flip open/closed.)

     “What does the examiner want me to say?”
     “What and how should I study?”
     "I'm anxious about the exam."
     "How can I defend myself from the examiner?"
     "How do I prove that I am a safe surgeon?"

     These are some of the most common questions and concerns I hear from candidates. (I asked similar questions before my exam, too.) And for good reason. For most surgeons, the exam is an “unknown,” cloaked in mystery. It’s the last major test you’ll ever take, it’s difficult (only a 76% average pass rate over the last five years,) and it’s “high stakes,” because the outcome determines board certification and, potentially, your career. Yet you're not sure how the exam works, how best to prepare for it, and how to perform well once you sit in front of the examiners.

     Where can you find answers? Everyone you talk to has different opinions about what you should or should not do, so that doesn't help. In fact, the opinions are so different you just become more confused as to what to believe.

     The Guide solves the mystery.

     You’ll discover how the exam really works, with its two fundamental building blocks: organized process thinking and effective communication skills, playing out in a dynamic interaction under exam conditions. You'll understand what it takes to present yourself promptly, clearly, and logically. You’ll realize that effective preparation is analogous to learning a new subtle, sophisticated surgical procedure.

     With this Guide, your ability to master powerful presentation skills under experienced guidance will be faster, more effective, and more efficient. Emotions like anxiety and confusion will be replaced with confidence and certainty.

     The Guide is based on Dr. Argy’s 20 years of teaching experience in board preparation to over 4,600 surgeons, with more than 14,000 practice scenarios, using his original teaching methods that produce statistically significant (p less than 0.001) improvements in exam pass rates. It applies his experience as a television host, public speaker, clinician and educator to the demanding and difficult conditions of the examination.

     Whatever your discipline -- general surgery, cardiothoracic, colon and rectal, vascular or plastic surgery -- let Demystifying the Surgery Certifying Examination give you the understanding you need to be able to optimize your preparation for, and performance on, your Certifying Examination.