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"The best money and time I have ever invested."

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"I would not have passed without having taken this course."

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"Without reservation, I would encourage anyone to work with him."

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"Truly inspiring as an educator."

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"I would highly recommend this course to all candidates"

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"Your teaching style is absolutely brilliant. The course was excellent!!!"

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"There is no better way to prepare for your oral boards."

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"I could not have done it without you."

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"This course is completely UNIQUE."

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"Dr. Argy prepared me so well for this exam it was a non-event."

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"Dr. Argy knows what it takes to prepare for the oral boards."

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"Fantastic course. Organized perfectly, extremely thorough."

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Odyssey Course Options

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Video Teleconference

3 Day Intensive Work Group  (Most Popular)

2 Day Audit (Observe) the 3 Day IWG candidates  (New)

Private Tutorial  (One-on-One)

Shared Tutorial  (Choose up to 5 colleagues)

Crescendo  (Weekly via Video)

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* * 3 Day IWG * *
(Intensive Work Group)

MOST POPULAR, chosen by 96%


  • Fri-Sat-Sun, Video Teleconference
  • up to 9 candidates in testing group
  • At least 8 practice scenarios
  • A month before the exam (so you have time to practice!)
  • 11 hr Content Review available for in-person courses only
  • Tuition: $2,950 (after $500 timely payment discount.)

* * 2 Day Audit of IWG * *



  • Fri-Sat, Video Teleconference
  • Observe the 3 Day IWG candidates being tested
  • No practice scenarios included (but can be added separately with Dr. Argy)
  • A month before the exam (so you have time to practice!)
  • no Content Review available
  • Tuition: $1,100 (after $250 timely payment discount.)

Private Tutorial

Best Way to Start After Previous Attempt


  • Video Teleconference (for the forseeable future given the pandemic)
  • One day (you choose when)
  • One-on-One
  • Intensive baseline assessment
  • Deep immersion in correct Exam Mindset
  • Learn powerful practice, prep and performance skills
  • Tuition: $3,200 (after $500 timely payment discount.) (Based on what a surgeon can make operating in a day.)

Shared Tutorial

Great Immersion with Selected Colleagues


  • In-Person or Video Teleconference
  • One day (you choose when)
  • Up to 5 (you choose your colleagues)
  • Initial baseline assessment
  • Deep immersion in correct Exam Mindset
  • Lower cost than One-on-One Tutorial
  • Tuition: $2,300 each for 2, and $1,800 each for 3-5 (after $500 timely payment discount.) (Based on what a surgeon can make operating in a day.)


Ongoing Guided Practice to Build Skills and Confidence


  • Usually Video Teleconference
  • An hour 1-3 times a week
  • One-on-One
  • Enhances skills, confidence and comfort
  • Reinforces correct Exam Mindset
  • For maximum yield, starts immediately after Tutorial or Group Course to efficiently build on the foundation.
  • Tuition: hourly, based on Tutorial pricing, varies depending on duration, ((Also offers timely payment discount.)

Content Review

Integrated into 3 Day IWG


  • In-Person, only as part of 3 Day IWG
  • 11 hours
  • Integrates an approach to content based on optimal presentation skills (NOT memorization and regurgitation)
  • Overview of 300 main topics, and 1,000 variants


Reinforce skills just before the exam


  •  Runs Sunday via Video Teleconference with 3 to 8 participants
  •  At least two practice scenarios per person
  •  Question and answer period
  •  The opportunity to continue practicing with other Odyssey candidates prior to the exam.
  •  (You cannot choose a Refresher without a prior Odyssey course.)
  •  Does not take place in all exam periods
  •  Tuition: $780 with the timely payment discount* within 14 days of signup.

Questions? Call Dr. Argy, 508-990-0300