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"The best money and time I have ever invested."

Dr. Claros  - Leo Claros, MD    see more testimonials

"I would not have passed without having taken this course."

  - Jennifer Simmons, MD    see more testimonials

"Without reservation, I would encourage anyone to work with him."

Dr. Hancock  - Susan Hancock, MD    see more testimonials

"Truly inspiring as an educator."

Dr. Schoolfield  - Matthew Schoolfield, MD    see more testimonials

"I would highly recommend this course to all candidates"

Dr. Gutfinger  - Dan Gutfinger, MD    see more testimonials

"Your teaching style is absolutely brilliant. The course was excellent!!!"

Dr. Wilson  - Aundrea Wilson, MD    see more testimonials

"There is no better way to prepare for your oral boards."

  - Seung Gwon, MD    see more testimonials

"I could not have done it without you."

Dr. Price - Kevin Price, MD    see more testimonials

"This course is completely UNIQUE."

  - Lindsey Gold, DO    see more testimonials

"Dr. Argy prepared me so well for this exam it was a non-event."

Dr. Harmon  - Rhonda Harmon, MD    see more testimonials

"Dr. Argy knows what it takes to prepare for the oral boards."

  - David Bailey, MD    see more testimonials

"Fantastic course. Organized perfectly, extremely thorough."

  - Edna Valdes, MD    see more testimonials

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The Checklist of Essential Exam Skills

    What skills do you need to pass your Certifying (Oral) Examination?

    The American Board of Surgery, which sets the standard for general surgery and all surgical subspecialty Certifying Examinations, has a list of "Essential Attributes of a Certifiable Surgeon."
    Dr. Argy "translates" that list of 7 bullet points into a set of skills that highlight the sophisticated nature of the exam.
    The Checklist is based on content from Dr. Argy's book, Demystifying the Surgery Certifying Examination, now in its 2nd edition.

Demystifying Textbook

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