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UPDATES: Demystifying 2nd edition released.  GET:  Free checklist of vital exam skills.

Board Basics℠


   The Certifying Exam is the most difficult, high stakes professional exam you will ever take. Yet misconceptions and mystery associated with the exam are pervasive and profound, and lead to compromised preparation and poor performance.
   Board Basics offers an introduction to a variety of issues pertinent to numerous aspects of the exam process. The goal is to help you get a better sense of the complexities of the exam process, and to showcase Odyssey's strengths in enhancing your preparation and performance. Content is added monthly to this page, and will be archived as an ongoing resource.
   Content in Board Basics is based on Dr. Argy's 20 years of experience teaching board preparation, his lectures, and his book, Demystifying the Surgery Certifying Examination.

Candidate Mode℠

   An excerpt from one of Dr. Argy's lectures which discusses how anxiety in the exam activates the mind's threat response and produces counterproductive behaviors and compromised performance.

Dr. Argy presents Candidate Mode